Another Driving Bitch

Today, at the end of the Circumferential Highway approaching pleasant street, traffic is backed up as hell and what are people doing?

They are going off the fucking road, onto the shoulder driving on the fucking gravel passing all us patient folk, who need to get to our destination just as bad, and fucking cutting back into the line up of traffic right up by the lights. WTF. Get your entitled ass back in line with the rest of us...and people, why the fuck do you let these fucks in??!! If they want to go off-roading that’s their fucking problem and they can sit there and deal with not being able to get back into the line up.

This seems to happen all too often on highways lately and it pisses me off because instead of going along at a steady 50, I have to sit at a dead stop for half an hour because people believe that it is their god given right to cut in front of the rest of us. Fuck.


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