Not hot- Just hot headed-

Hey you! yeah hopefully you know I'm talking about you- you call yourself a man? you are a baby in a man's flabby body- who sleeps more than a sloth hanging upside down in a tree! When we were first together- it was great- now you take advantage and think I will always be there- yet you get soo green when I always have men giving me attention- you? no one! Why? cause you can't hold your liquor, or your friends and no one seems yo like you....

Solution? Get off your lazy, fat ass and get a job and while your at it- look for a girlfriend who is willing to put up with you- maybe a sloth?

I may not be the model of the world- but when it comes to leaving your ass and getting a date- I'll always be more than a few steps ahead of you- the sex is not all that one minute man- so keep that in mind- why do you think I am not laying beside you when you decide to take marathon naps? Maybe you sleep so you don't have to hear me bitch- thats why I wrote it lover!

---Too Good To Be With You

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