Nothing like the Old Scotland

Canadian (read: Halifax) Food from an Antipodean Perspective

Haligonians seem to have one thing on their minds/menus: Cheese. The mother of all mamary fluid by-products. Mm-mmm. Every sandwich, wrap, muffin sub, salad, donair is infested with the stuff. Philly Cheese Steak (don't be fooled by the name, there is no "steak")? Pizza? Fuhgeddaboudit. It's covered with the stuff. And by Antipodean standards I'm talkin' "double double cheese cheese" (you could also double the cheese on the order, but it actually makes my stomach turn thinking about that much cheese). Canadians have also managed to take cheese to the next level by creating such delightful dishes as Poutine. The idea of doing anything other than dipping fries in good old tomato sauce is wrong in my book, but to smother them in cheese curd and then slather it all in beef gravy is just the epitome of gak! I am told that it is "the best thing ever!" but cannot quite bring myself to order it. There is a reason no one outside of Canada has never even heard of this "gour-met" meal.

A discovery made whilst sampling the local fare is that local industry is very much alive and, well... Molasses. This industry close to the very heart of Halifax, and spanning back to settler times, is present in everyday food items, an experience you shall have when sampling items such as the common Baked Bean (canned). Yet another marvel that awaits the tender palate is the inclusion of "essence of almond" in a surprising array of comestibles. You can sample this delight in such foodstuffs as: berry cordial and commercially packed pumpkin stuffed ravioli. Delish! Lamb, salmon and a variety of fish are to be handily found in the frozen foods aisle of your local supermarket; the freshest of all products being sent away to countries southern in a marvelous display of selflessness and generosity.

Ah, New Scotland! A capital city with dedicated local businesses bringing to us all the best Irish pubs the city can offer! A haven of wonderful Greek/American pizzerias/donair-ias! Land of Pepsi and Winston Churchill statues! Home to drip coffee connoiseurs! Where Cheese flows freely from your loving bosom!! With Justice and Freedom for All!

May the Halifax Mooseheads rule eternal. Amen.

---Where can I find a decent meat pie?

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