P.C. folk

I'm gonna make this one brief, since I'm not looking for a huge debate on it or anything, it's just something that pisses me off.

Politically correct youth of today. They surround me... everywhere I go.

I can't use the term boyfriend to refer to my BOYFRIEND. NO. it's "partner." Even if that person is not a partner in ANYTHING except for in bed.

I can't say bitch. to ANYONE. Even males.

This is ridiculous.

You know what these people would say about LTWWB?

and I hypothetically quote:

"using the word bitch in a negative way (ie: to complain, rant etc) is just further blahblahing the opression of women blahblah pejorative blah blah......"

Oh my god... I'm too tired to make this Bitch remotely entertaining, witty, or relateable. So I will leave it at this: bitchnuts.


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