Dear Gawking Haligonians

Do you really believe that it is appropriate to stare at my boyfriend and I while we are holding hands? Yes, we are both male, this shouldn't be anything new, it IS the 21st century after all. Whatever happened to the idea that love has no boundaries? You should be staring at us because it's plainly obvious how in love we are, not because we have the same sexual organs. No one would stare at a minority race because they are just that, why stare at us because we're gay? Please have some respect, it ruins my day when I have to deal with hate mongrels on a regular basis. Oh, and, yes, we are fags, you don't have to scream it from your car, we're not only well aware of it but damn proud of it too. Who wouldn't be proud of being in love?

---Fed up with Halifax's lack of respect and consideration

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