I'm going to LOSE IT!!

If I hear one more fucking parasite er politician exclaim that we should get out and vote because of the "sacrifice of our brave soldiers who gave their lives so we have the freedom to choose our leaders" I’m going to FUCKING LOSE IT!!! First off, it’s not since the Second World War that our freedom to vote or choose our leader was EVER at risk. The soldiers who are fighting in the current conflicts are not securing our right to vote, so stop using them as pawns in your pathetic attempts to garner support.

Note: Not blaming the military in the least. They have my utmost respect.

You want to do something to encourage us to vote? How about showing us some leadership you self-serving pricks? If anything undermines the actions of the military or, in your words, demeans their sacrifice, it is the lying, cheating, and stealing that continually goes on behind closed doors at the expense of those who ‘elected’ you. If you believe they pay the ultimate sacrifice so we can vote, then give us someone worth voting FOR. I have yet to meet a politician worth their weight in spam let alone worthy of my vote. Give me someone to vote FOR as opposed to a bunch to vote against and I’ll see you at the polls. Until then, go fuck yourself and your party!

---The medication is beginning to wear off

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