Dear admissions department of a certain community college that is affiliated with my provincial government: Fuck you. Fuck your condescending, know nothing, lazy ass. I looked at the open courses, I applied to get in and then I paid your 25.00 “processing” fee. After you took my money you couldn’t tell me if I was accepted into the course, you couldn’t tell me if the course was still open because you only update the openings once a month. So for 30 days out of the month you are excused from not knowing what the fuck is going on? When I was rejected for the course I asked you if I could get my money back you said no, that it was a “processing” fee. If the course was full before you received my application or even looked at it, then that is not processing an application, that is taking money for nothing and letting me pay for your teacher’s salaries to boot. When I pressed you further you said I should contact my MLA. You are the ADMISSIONS department that is what YOU do; take inquiries about admissions and the applicable fees therein. If you can’t do that properly what the fuck is it that you spend your day doing? You are a fucking idiot. People who work for academic institutions or any bureaucracy whether it be government or otherwise are coddled way to much. This has got to stop.

---Pissed off

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