Motorcycle Fucks

To all the tweeked-out exhaust hog riders in the HRM - SHUT UP and FUCK OFF! Your penis-extention came with a factory smoker-rumbler that did the job just fine, so why do you all insist upon adding the oversized pipes, moving your baffles and twiddling other noisy bullshit that infringes on my right to live peacefully? I shouldn't have to listen to the constant drone, rumble and roar of you parading back-and-forth, up-and-down my street going nowhere, stopping and starting, firing it up all cool like. Assholes. Sure, it's a busy street, with buses and bicycle bells and lots of cars honking, but you, lowly asshole piece-of-shit skid, are my biggest gripe. When will Halifax wake the fuck up and adopt a by-law a la Fredricton, Montreal, and other cities who've realized there's no reason we should have to listen to your noisy ass? Watch out bitches.

--- Hog Wild

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