I've had it with the DAILY Jimmy Melvin JR Saga Updates

This morning’s Drive to work started with a headline Story about Jimmy Melvin Jr’s latest encounter with the LAW

What a surprise!!! For the last few months, it seems that at the slightest move by our local GANSTA Celebrity, reporters are not far behind to grab the latest scoop. The stories frequently lack content and journalistic value. The local Radio Stations play the plight of his latest escapades repetitively

and thus by virtue make him a local celebrity

DAMED!!! This guy has a WEBSITE. What pisses me off is Mr. Melvin Jr’s ego is most likely insatiably fed by all this media attention, fuelling his arrogance and by osmosis cultivating social empowerment. Can we drop the play by play of Jimmy Melvin Jr’s EVERY FUCKING MOVES

can we turn our efforts on stories of value on people who enrich our communities not Abuse them

I’ve had enough

---GI Juice™

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