Maybe I was wrong .. but...

Ok, driving home from work - I see a family of four - two young parents (early thirties) and two toddlers in their car going in the same direction as me. The toddlers are standing on the back seat with their heads pressed against the windows, obviously not in any form of child seat, or even a seatbelt.

I pulled up along side the car and kindly rolled down my window and said "excuse me..." to the female in the passenger seat who had her window rolled down. She gave me a stink-eye and rolled up her window. The car continued on in busy traffic with the children standing up in the back seat.

I took the plate number and called the cops, told them where the car was and they said they would put out a broadcast to their units to look for it.

My coworkers this morning were kind of shocked that I did this. As if it were none of my business. I think it is my business. First off, people don't know how to drive period. Its only a matter of time before someone rear ends their shitty little car and the kids head goes through a window. The children don't know any better. It is the parents who are stupid here and endangering their children. And they can't even say they dont have the proper equipment - you could see the booster seats through the window.

Did I overstep my "humane duty" by reporting these slack ass parents? I don't think I would be able to sleep at night if I didn't do anything...

---damned if you do...

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