Shut the Hell UP!!

To my annoying, rude, inconsiderate neighbors... SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

I am so tired of your bullshit. I do not pay a somewhat higher rent in a nicer apartment building to have to listen to you and your Whorey friends scream, bang shit and sing...badly, and blast your music at all hours of the night. Especially, on week days when I have to get up to go to work in the morning like an adult.

And WHY the hell do you find it necessary to LITERALLY scream at the top of your lungs in the middle of the night like a 5 year old?! What in gods name is wrong with you??! I'm so tired of dealing with these young, bitchey girls all the time.

And please tell your nasally friend that when she wants into the building to use the damn buzzer!! Not scream on the door step in FRONT OF THE BUZZER at the top of her lungs for you to let her in, constantly until you hear her because you have your window open. Can her big brain not handle the capacity of how to use all the little buttons by the door!??

I’ve considered ear plugs but I’m sure they won’t drown you bitches out. You’re so damn loud you startle my dog out of her sleep because you're SCREAMING!

We've knocked on your door repeatedly and have asked you nicely to please keep it down because we're trying to sleep. And yet, you don't. I’ve banged on the wall as an indication to shut the fuck up and you don’t. Then last night you tell us, “Fuck you.”

Guess what, I'm tired of being nice and finally reported your ass. Hope you get evicted soon. Bitch.

3 times and you're out.

---Sleepless in the Southend

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