Ties, dress shirts, dress pants (to a lesser extent), how I hate thee...

Ok - I get it - I work in an office. We have a pretty slack / non existant dress code. Why is it that when me or my coworkers wear a tie, suit etc. everyone makes a big deal about how great we look? Yea, I look alright in the banana republic dress shirt that I got at Frenchy's, and the tie I got on clearance at Sears, but seriously, I think I looked a lot better in the Abercrombie henley and sweet ass Buffalo jeans - but no, no compliments then.

Why is it expectd that guys should wear a "shirt and tie" to an office job? Shirt and tie was dressey - back in 1979. There are so, so so soooo many other options to dress nicely and stylishly that doesnt involve struggling with a piece of fabric tied around your neck. And don't even get me started on trying to put the crease in "dress pants" that never seem to fit right, even when taylored.

I don't spend my time droning on in a stuffy cubicle so I can go waste my money on outfits that I can wear to work and only to work. So please, stop looking down your nose at me when I am wearing a nice t-shirt to work. Stop looking at my legs when I come in wearing a comfortable and stylish pair of jeans. Oh, and by the way - a blazer with jeans is way hotter than any "shirt and tie" combination you can come up with - unless its Beckham's shirt and tie he's taking it off. For fuck sake - its not 1975 any more.

I refuse to spend money on clothes that can only be worn to work. Thats a waste. If you want me to wear a uniform (shirt and tie is a uniform in my opinion) then let me know what store has our expense account. Otherwise, let it be.

PS> Save the "Boo hoo, you have a job", "dont like it quit", "You had two spaces between two words instead of one", "Brand whore shopping at A n F" type responses, please and thanks.

---Need a job somewhere modern.

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