To the stupid Squeegie ASSHOLE at Robie and Bell 7:45pm Wed nite

The car in front of me said no, to which you just walked away, towards my car. I motioned no, and you proceeded to soap half my windshield and turn and walk away. And then look back and glare at me from your "safe" side of the street. WHAT THE FUCK, asshole?? If I was a dude and didn't have my name and company info on the back window of my car, I would have been doing more at that red light than trying to wash the shit off my windshield with the wipers (and thanks to you, i have a lovely BROWN streaky windshield AROUND where my wipers reach). And chick or not, I was still tempted to freak out on your dirty punk ass. Fucking LOSER. Who does that??? There was cop sitting at the next intersection. I should have reported your ass.

---Need a car wash now, thanks

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