Forget lunch hour... try lunch 20 mins...

So I have an hour for lunch. Plenty of time to walk the 2 minutes the cute little place that has fantastic sandwiches, walk back to work, and spend some time in the sun before heading back into my windowless office right?

Apparently not so.

Today when I entered said cute little place there was one person in front of me. I placed my order to go, while about 7 people walked in behind me in the next few mins. So I went to sit at the window and wait for my sandwich to be made.

And I waited... and waited... and watched all the people behind me leave. Then I watched more people come in, order, and be served. Now, I understand that some things are faster than others - grabbing a slice of pizza, or some soup to go, or a brownie. Yes, those things take less time than a sandwich. But for my sandwich to take as long as it did, they must have had to slaughter the cow and roast the beef just as I placed my order. What the hell! I had to boot it back to the office so I could scarf it down at my desk.

I don't mind a place that takes a little longer for a good product. But when they serve others first and I'm stuck waiting, it really tries my patience!

---Cranky Sandwich Lover

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