Please don't touch me and learn to throw out your garbage

Just a minor suggestion. I work in a local store which has an older clientele.

I just want to say, please don't touch me. An "excuse me" would be much preferred, rather than the jab of a finger in the back or grabbing my arm.

Also I realize that maybe you are starved for human contact but when I am assisting you find a product and making small talk, please don't smack my arm etc when you say something you think is funny.

Honestly, I am just tired of being poked and grabbed by older people when I am at work. Maybe it is a generational thing, but was it ever proper to do that to a sales clerk?

I can understand not wanting to carry a coffee cup around with you, but seriously, our store is not that large. It would take 45 seconds to slowly get to a garbage can. Please stop leaving your half full cups hidden on shelves, or in the middle of a china display. I hate handling your garbage but I would rather have you say "Can you throw this out?" than to find that cup days later when it spills over as I restock shelves. Are you really too lazy to ask one of the many sales associates if they can throw something out for you? Our store is not that busy.

Also, the store is pretty cheap and it isn't busy, so many times I am the only person on in three departments, not including the cash and switchboard. Often as I am doing other work such as restocking, I am more than happy to help you, you just need to ask. I am not psychic. I would rather that then listen to you be passive aggressive in sighing loudly etc. I don't know you need help unless you ask.

---Just a minimum wage slave

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