Psycho Neighbour

You don't control the laundry room. When renting your apartment you rented one next door to the laundry room. Therefore, the washers and dryers do make some noise, live with it.

You are a jerk for stopping washers and dryers. You have been known to throw clothes out the window.

You get angry when someone moves your clothes to use a washer and/or dryer. Even though your clothes have been left in the machine for days (long enough to get the moldy smell).

You think it is appropriate to scream at someone and make threats to them because they are using the machine at 10pm on a Friday night. And tell them that "they better not do it again". Excuse me, who do you think you are?

You are psycho. Most normal people would perhaps talk instead of yelling. Damn right I was going to tell the super and also call the cops on your ass. That way if anything happens to me or my belongings it is on record as you making the threats.

I am so glad you seem to be moving. The further away you get the better. You are a psycho and I pity your poor child that they are brought up in that household.

---scared of the freak neighbour

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