Tough Guys

What the fuck is with all the tough guy-wannabe's in this city? It's like half the male population actually think they are good enough to go off to the UFC or something. I can't walk down the street without some bad ass wanting a staring contest or something. I've been boxing and I've been in martial arts all my life - I've been around world champions and world class fighters. You silly buggars aren't even close to being in the same ballpark!!! And even if you are a tough guy, WHO THE FUCK CARES??? The great fighters I'm referring to don't walk around acting tough. Why do you? If you're such a bad ass, go to a gym and train properly and get a real sanctioned fight. It's gonna take a lot more than lifting a few weights and having some mean looking tattoos. Until then why don't you just go about your business, keep your tough guy looks to yourself and fuck off before you bite off a whole lot more than you can chew. Instead of the dirty looks try a smile assholes!!!


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