We need a LITTLE love!

Everyone should work in retail at some point in their life. It gives you an appreciation and an understanding for those who serve you in a retail position. Now that being said, it's becoming EXTREMELY clear that most customers don't realize the true power, or lack-there-of that a cashier posses. In general, we can't change the price of something, offer discounts on the spot, fix the many flaws you've found within the store, choose the product that reaches the shelves- we can merely pass the word on. Heck, if a cashier had that power, then whoa baby, fun times!

But no, we don't. So, before you yell at me and the large cashier population, stop and realize that I really just point you to the product your looking for and then ring it in for you.

This being said, I'm not an idiot. And I'm certianly not undeserving of respect. So, for anyone who EVER treats a cashier like they're below them...back -up buddy!

Which brings me to my biggest pet peeve. When I'm ringing through a customer, normally I tend to ask if you'd like a bag right before I scan everything. Sometimes, I don't. At these times I usually a) have looked at your ONE items and figured you didnt need it and if you did you would ask b) I am going to ask you once the transaction has been put through c) I have forgotten. By no means does that give you the right to reach over the counter and down to the bags and try to yank the bag out yourself. NEVER. You are now invading MY workspace. Would you reach behind someones desk? , No. Look, if I've forgotten and you ASK for a bag because I've forgotten...I'll give it to you. I just plain ol' forgot. But it's rude and frankly REALLY uncomfortable to have someone encroach on my personal/work space.

And what's with all these sour grape routines. If I'm nice to you, you can be nice back. If I was a jerk to you, then you can be a jerk back!

So, next time you're the customer, keep in mind that the people that are ringing you through are there doing their job and they aren't there trying to screw you over.

PS. Most customers are kind, but it's shocking to see the numbers that aren't and for what reasons.

---Lookin' for love in all the wrong places!

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