Are people blind or just callous?

So saturday I was driving a street that runs from Easern Passage to Colby, and there parked on the side of a residential street was a man beating the hell out of a small woman. I drove up and past this scene positive someone would help this woman, or one of the many cops that cruse the area would arrive. I watched in my rearview mirror as the scene escalated, and no one stopped. I'm a small woman, by myself, without a phone, and yet still managed to step in and end the conflict.

Dispite the issue being solved taking longer than I would have wished, and dealing with a young traumatized woman, I was more shocked that on a busy residential street no one saw or cared enough to call the police or hell, grab a bat. I saw this as I drove past so I am damn sure at least one or two other people did as well.

Do I have more of a conscience than any Tom, Dick or Harry? Anyone who did see this scene and ignored it could live with themselves better that I could? Really?

Turning a blind eye is whats ruining our society!


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