Bouncer Bitch!

At a certain show on saturday night. I had a ticket which was paid for prior to the show which stated "Photo ID required". I stood in line for 3 hours in the piss pour rain to get down to you bouncers to deny my entry. I have provided you with my ticket and photo ID you then asked me to sign a piece of papaer which I did to an exact match you didnt bother to look at A)my signature B) or my ID and told me to get out of the line.

When asked why you said you werent going to deal with this now get new ID...SO i cabbed it back to get a new ID which then i waited in line for an other hour for the head bouncer who along with yourself were chatting it up with 1/2 naked women. While waiting you have let a total of 17 girls in with NO id due to the way they were dressed and acted towards you aka slutty. I have also over heard you say "You dont let that kind in" Really? the kind who purchases a ticket? and provides ID? Oh my mistake my tits werent out.

---Jane D'oh

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