Charging More To Reduce Use, Courtesy Of Your Own Government

How did democratic Canada arrive in a state where government manipulates "free" enterprise to change a Canadian's lifestyle? Who invited the government to do this and why do they think it is their responsibility to govern my free-from-criminal-activity lifestyle? We fought for freedoms that are being systematically and cleverly reduced. That very same freedom is taxed as "luxury" for participating Canadians. All in the name of... what, exactly? It may only be a dollar increase here and there (never ever to be reduced) but it's my dollar, my choice, my happiness, my life and my country! I really don't understand why government should interfere with any of it. Government is supposed to work for me, the voting citizen!

I'm talking about a sanctioned hike for electricity. You'll charge me more thinking I'll use less. What kind of Hitler driven strategy is that? A most effective one, of course but you must think I'm made of money only because I'm "privileged" enough to pay for an essential service. Trust me on this; I nearly throw up when I see your rates even when they're not going up (but they always do). Now some new dollar charge to, yes, stick it to the asshole Canadian sucker enough to use electricity.

I'm talking about an unbelievable hike in cigarette taxes that will no doubt fuel the fire for illegal tobacco and greater need for police force funding (hit the tax payer again... down the road). Who are you to call my freedom of choice a luxury? If I enjoyed smoking oregano would oregano then be privied to this "luxury" tax too?. I'm so fucking mad.

I'm talking about five cent (plus tax) plastic bags at the grocery store. I'm talking about private companies investing in alternative energy before our own government does! I'm talking about the hording of technology! I'm talking about needing a permit for anything and everything! I'm talking about government even whispering about who I can marry and who I cannot. We needed government for this?.... I'm talking about the slow formation of a serious dictatorship that has something to say about every little thing a Canadian could want for and fuck, am I pissed.

---Another TaxPayer too broke to buy Canadian freedom

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