So okay. I make no qualms about the fact that I have no use for unions. I have a Bachelors Degree plus a Masters, yet there are people out there working in a union doing unskilled labour (such as sweeping a floor) making more money than I do. Call me bitter but there is something wrong with that picture. But when I picked up the Globe and Mail this morning and read about the outside worker's strike in Toronto and the "issues" that caused it, I was even more nauseated than normal. The main stumbling block you ask? The union gets 18 sick days a year. If they do not use them they are allowed to "bank them" and when they retire they are to be paid out for EVERY sick day they did not take in their career!!! That's right. So if you have been with the City for, say, 10 years, and did not use any of your sick time, you get "rewarded" with 180 days pay when you retire!! Besides the obvious lunacy of this policy,. the fact that anyone is allowed to take 18 sick days a year to begin with is just moronic. The City of Toronto says taht giventhe tough economic times that they can no longer afford to continue this policy. The nerve!! If I missed 18 days this year I would be out on my ass. And people wonder why there are alot of souls out there who cannot stand unions? Gee. I wonder why? Of course the Union decides to wait until a heat wave hits the city to walk out so that the garabage will rot faster on the sides of the streets.

---Fed up with Unions.

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