Shut it. Please.

To the young guy and gal who travel on the same bus as me each morning: would the two of you mind shutting your pieholes while you're doing the crossword together? I look forward to doing the same effing crossword while i enjoy my coffee break at 10:30am, and lately you two morons have ruined my puzzles on more than one occasion. Look, it's great that the two of you are working as a team, all cozied up together doing your cute little couple thing. I'm happy for you, really. But MUST you constantly call out the answers and kill the enjoyment of the same puzzle for the other patrons who look forward to doing the same one? This isn't Jeapordy for fuck sakes. It's a free paper, so almost everyone on board is carrying a i really need to do the math for you? I realize that i should probably just turn around and say something, but i'm actually afraid of how harsh my comment will be, given that i'm not a terrific morning person, and these two jagg-offs completely ruin any chance of having it go any other way. And hasn't anyone told you that eyebrow rings are lame and muffin tops do NOT flatter you? Ugh, get the memo already.

---Need to charge the battery in my ipod more often.

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