asshole neghbor

Wholey fuck I'm going to piss and shit myself if I have to live next to you any longer! Im fucking sick and tired of you bragging to me that your fucking onions are going to be bigger then mine. Fuck U! Ive lived here going on 20 years and ive grown onions every fucking year. For you to come from the city and move in next to me with you fancy fucking car and satelite tv and to say to me that I cant grown onions rightly is fucking unsane! I know it was you, you big fuckin prick, who cut the bottoms out a my rubber boots too. Fuckin going barefoot in my garden now, you damn prick. I cant just go to walmart and get a new pair like you. And I know u been over to see the wife. Shes been harping on me saying I cant grown fucking onions. Where she get that idea? pack up and move back to the city you fuckin hippy. yourae not wanted here.


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