Enough already!! Just stop!! Please, for the love of god, STOP!!!

This is a bitch for all you Nickleback fans out there: Stop buying their crappy music for f*ck sakes!! They're a bunch of no talent hacks that sound exactly the same in every single song! I'm sick and tired of turning on the radio and hearing "And here's the latest from Nickleback" and it sounds just like the last one! They suck! They know maybe half a dozen chords and half of the songs are just the chorus repeated over and over and over and over again! Using the words "oh yeah", "oh no", "come on" etc are not lyrical content! They are filler used by songwriters with zero talent! So please, stop buying their repetitive crap and develop a taste from real music. That is all.

--Theory of A Nicklefault Hater

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