Follow up to Ever hear of Twins?

Hi - I`m "Susie" the other twin. So "Sarah" my twin called me at home that night to tell me of her run in with numb nuts - I was off work that day. I went into work the next day and was met at my desk by Mr. Numb nuts himself. This is what happened:

"So, nice joke yesterday - be honest that was really you in the park."
"I have no idea what you`re talking about." (hehehehe)
"Yeah ya do-you don`t have to be so god damn rude."
"You know, in the park, you made up some bullshit story about you having a twin."
"I do have a twin."
"Fuck off - no you don`t - stop being a little bitch about it."

He went on and on and I finally walked away and into the bathroom and called my sister and asked her to meet me at my office for lunch. For the rest of the morning he was constantly bugging me and even brought some of our co workers into it. They all acknowledged that I did in fact have a twin. He got even more upset and accused me of calling our coworkers at home that night to get them in on it. Yeah I have nothing better to do with my life then find ways to fuck with yours. Finally "Sarah" shows up and we walk down to his desk together and stand in front of him. Does he offer an apology for his behaviour? No! What does he say but " Um Wow like um holy fuck, um like are you guys into like sharing cause like a have a thing for twins."

FUCK YOU!! You dirty little ditch pig!!!

At least my sister got to tell you to go fuck yourself - I didn't`t because I didn't`t want to give you anything to use against me after I was finished my complaint with HR about you. Considering your temper and other issues in the office I can not wait to see you gone.

You`d do well to believe someone the next time they tell you something you pathetic fuckshit.

---The other twin.

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