OH NO..!!! SAY IT ISN'T SO...!!!

I wish I had have known this before I spent $952 on three VIP tickets... WTF...!!!

Joel Plastic is without a doubt the most over-rated act to ever hit the mainstream of the Maritime Music Scene.

Maybe some of you have got your heads up your arses, and maybe you are impressed by songs lyrics like:

"Halfway to Ashtray Rock... Out in the wilderness.. I had to take a piss..." or

"Fashionable Fashionable... Ditch him... Switch him... Do the SWITCHEROO..." Give me a fucking break...

Pathetic... Truly pathetic...

My only hope is that they put this toad on first in the afternoon, so I can arrive late and don't have to listen to it... I would hate to have this garbage ruin what should otherwise be the best concert to come to Halifax in a long long time...


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