A certain Power Company is spraying toxic herbicides on the trees along the routes of their power poles and lines. This is happening in Lunenburg County, in Halifax County and other counties... They are using the herbicide Tordon 101. This is a combination of 2, 4-D and Picloram. Both of these herbicides have dire consequences to humans, animals, birds and fish that come into contact with it. It will also contaminate our precious ground water...

2,4-D is one of the chemicals the defoliant Agent Orange is composed of.

"Despite industry efforts claiming the safety of this chemical, there is a large body of evidence indicating major health effects from cancer to immunosuppression, reproductive damage to neurotoxicity. The teratogenic, neurotoxic, immunosuppressive, cytotoxic and hepatoxic effects of 2,4-D have been well documented.

The report by the Ontario College of Physicians linked 2,4-D exposure during pregnancy and childhood to a two-fold increase in the incidence of leukemia, and in their study they also found links to sterility, respiratory problems, atrophy and non-hodgkins lymphoma."

The following organizations support the banning of 2,4-D:
Agent Orange Association of Canada
Canadian Cancer Society
Canadian Medical Association
Canadian Public Health Association
Ontario College of Family Physicians
Ontario Public Health Association
Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario
Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Humane Society of Canada
Ottawa Humane Society

The Eastern Shore succeeded in stopping spraying in their area by protesting.

They do have an alternative – they can cut the trees and brush that encroach on the power lines. This would be safer for everyone, especially the workers doing the spraying or cutting...

Call today, and tell them how you feel about being poisoned.

This is worse than paying way too much for unreliable power.

---woods mama

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