Your Vacation Is Not MY Vacation

I know I'm going to sound like a passive-aggressive ungrateful bitch but I have to vent.

Why does every friend and relative who comes to the east coast ask me to take time off work and/or ask to stay at my place for several days/weeks in order to save themselves a little cash. 1) I am available to see all these good visitors on evenings and weekends. But if I took a vacation day every time someone I knew visited Halifax I would have no more vacation left for MY FUCKING VACATION which, guess what? wouldn't include THEM! Why the fuck am I given the guilt trip of not being around? Is having to go to work a crime? Also, I have the type of job (high stress, crazy deadlines) where I would have to make up that day somewhere - like the following weekend - in order to catch up on work missed shuttling their asses around town. Um, no thanks. Wow, your vacation has now turned into over-time for me! 2) Crash at my place? Why does your need to save money equal inconvenience for me? Again, I hate house-guests. It's a visit that never fuckin' ends. Sucks the energy out of me. Oh yeah, and I'm expected to pay all the groceries and have you pounce on me the minute I come home from work because you're so bored 'cause I've been away all day. Gah! Get lives! Go entertain yourselves! I wish I had visitors who used my place like a B&B. Just crash and do your own thing. I won't be offended. Honestly!!

I would never ask someone to take vacation day(s) just because I happened to plan a vacation in a city they live in. Let's meet up at a pub, have a pint or two, then split. Must we all spend days and days together? Especially some people I haven't seen in YEARS!!!

I hate people who vacation to Halifax, think they're the only ones on the planet who has ever decided to do so, and thus expect your world to stop for them. Fuck off!

Yes, I'm a bitch and you are all probably wondering why I even have the problem of having people want to visit me. Ahahahaa! I just like people in small doses.

---The Rain Is Making Me Hate People

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