Eggman causes complete mayhem



You worthless, garbage f-in peice of s(#t, if I ever find out who you are. you drove your black shit ass car by the paragon on wednesday morning about 310 am and threw an egg out the window.

his eye was cut and his nose was sliced, and we almost took him to the ER (if he wasn't such a stubborn bastard) anyways... if i could have seen your license plate as i chased you on foot down the street. i would find you and help me god I would f-in hurt you. i am a 29 woman who was waiting for a cab with my fiance (to be married in 6 weeks ) and my best friend.

it was my best friend that you did this to. and I hope that you burn in all that I can possibly fathom about hell. you f-in mfer. fill in the blanks. and you know what ? if you read this ... I hope that every possible shit storm will hit you and f you over.

i wish i could have gotten your plates, it would be the first time i called the cops... and you know what ? even calling the PO , it'd be worth it.

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