One security guard was a dick, the rest were cool

To the security guard at the concert: "Why the hell would you care if I took two unopened beer out of the beer area". They were in my pocket and I was going to drink them at home on the couch. To add to your stupidity you tried to ban me from the beer area. Did you really think I was not going to just walk down to the other entrance and go it that way? Instead of accepting the inevitable you looked like a complete moron digging through my pockets to get those two beer out. Two beer that I just went and bought again and put back in my pockets. And what the hell was that yell "Officers!". I called your bluff, I didn't see any, and plus that's not what the cops are for, to help you be a dick. Thankfully there were cool security guards there, ones that did not go out of their way to be an ass. I took those two beer home and finished getting gorked on the couch thank you very much.
Happy Drunk until you were a prick

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