Enough about MJ!


I am sick of hearing about Michael Jackson! Sure he was a talented artist and he made big breakthroughs in the music inductry but he's just a person like you and me. Many talented scientists, doctors, and teachers die every year and we don't hear anything about them! Many people die or lose their children to fatal diseases and we don't hear anything about them! There are children who are severely neglected and even die from abuse and that doesn't get top story on cnn.com for days and weeks on end. It's so absurd how we treat celebrities like they are better or even different than anyone else in the world.

And another thing...Michael Jackson very likely did inappropriate things with children and here we are praising him? Many people will object to me saying that but lets face it...no one settles out of court for bug bucks if they are truely innocent. If someone is really innocent they fight it to save their reputation no matter what.

Let's just get some perspective here folks.


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