Annoying People


Okay...why do random strangers send me friend requests? I don't know who the fuck they are so I don't want to be their friend! I'm sick of this! Just in the last month I've had about 5 different people (all strangers!) try to add me, and one tried to add me 3 times so I blocked him. Do I have to set it so no one can search me, I don't wanna have to do that!

Also, I deleted some people cuz:
- some people keep writing about how much they love their boyfriend! Anyone who writes that constantly deserves to get dumped by said bf!
- one person kept writing about things in their house in status updates. "My toilet is flushing right now and I plan to wash my hands". Some dipshit on my fb seriously wrote this! wtf.
- some other people keep sending me stupid requests to take quizzes and all that bullshit.

I want to socialize with my lovers and acquaintances who I fancy, and vice versa! Please fuck off.

---Loves Facebook but does not love everyone who uses it

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