Respectable Behavior Required

My young daughter and I decided to take the bus to avoid traffic to see the Canada Day Fireworks. While on the bus, there was a very cheap trashy greasy disgusting tart who was very drunk and mouthing off, swearing and being, well, trashy. The bus driver asked her to stop, but didn't kick her off the bus, even after she told HIM to shutup in front of everyone. When she finally left, she called a couple of guys on the bus a racist slur amongst other profanities, right in front of my daughter. 1. She should have been kicked off the bus right away. The bus drivers should feel confident and supported by us to take this action. 2. It was horrific have a front row demonstration of how alive racism is in this city and how selfish and inconsiderate some very angry people are. Lady, I feel sorry for you. Your life will be nothing but suffering, and you can only blame yourself. I won't let one bad apple ruin the bunch, but let it be known, Miss Trash, karma can and will bite you back.
---Miss Manners

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