the customer is not always right ...


So I have been working in retail for a few years now and it seems to be the same everywhere I have worked. one thing that really bothers me is the customers who think that yelling is going to get them somewhere. Sorry but if you yell at me I am not going to want to help you. Also, all companies have policies. I follow them because I work for said company. I can not change the policy for anyone so getting mad at me won't change that. So no, I won't return your computer that has a 14 day return policy on the 30th day. Its a policy that the company created. Flip out at our head office, just leave me alone. I just work there, I have no control over any of that. Lastly, if you call into the store and are looking for a specific department, I can't physically make someone answer so yelling at me is going to make me want to hang up on you.

So ... The customer is not always right. Grow up and treat people with respect because it is more likely I will try to help you if you are nice to me.

---annoyed retail worker

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