I am walking. You are driving me crazy.


I understand that there is this quaint driver courteous thing that goes on in this city NOW. It wasn't always like this: you are crossing the street and a driver jammmms on the brakes to let you cross and then waves you across the street making eye contact with me and not his rearview mirror. IF he looked in the rearview or ahead he would see other drivers who didn't choose to help me cross the street.

Usually there is a line up of cars burning gas and time while I have to parade across the street. I have to wait of course until the other lane stops to let me go too. Damn it! I know how to cross the street. You are polluting the air even more with this unnecessary courtesy. It is dangerous really. It is worse when you are feeling like crossing the street and there isn't any traffic really and someone stops and there is just you and this driver watching you cross the street...LIke go already I will cross when you are gone!!!!

INsane! It is really creepy actually.

Drivers should stop if it is raining and someone doesn't have rain gear or it is a really busy street or if someone is at one of the cross walks with a button on it to make a light flash to let you know to stop....duh?!

I am walking. I am not in a rush or I would be running. Again, I understand the underlying kindness and courteous but really LOOK at this situation. Also, Pedestrians HAVE to stoppppp thinking cars are obligated to stop for them....you can walk behind a car trying to get out of a busy intersection instead of sneering and with your eyes telling someone to put their car in reverse so you can cross...holy god I thought you were walking to save gas and beeee ECO friendly...guess not.

I walk a lot and this happens a lot with allllll kinds of drivers. I think drivers should stick to helping each other out and worry less about pedestrians who already KNOW how to look both ways before they cross the street.

---Parading around town.

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