Wasteful Bastards


Okay, so there's been a recall of meat and you need to bring it back. This is great, bring it on in if you've got it.

Oh wait you don't have any? Because this store didn't fucking sell any of the recalled meat? Well we're taking it anyway because this is what got sent down to us(and this is not what I'm pissed over).

What I'm pissed over is all you sonsofwhores bringing back in perfectly good meat. Steaks, blade roasts, all gorgeous, not cheap, and WHY? Because you motherfuckers just didn't use it for Canada Day or you were too shit stupid to use it in time and you want your money back. You're bringing in brown, ruined meat that could have been frozen, or given to friends, for fuck sakes. TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS WORTH ALONE, FROM ONE STORE. There are people stretched to the fucking limit and food banks are screamingly empty and you gluttonous assholes are pissing it down the shitter.

---Sick to my Stomach, and not from E. Coli

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