I am walking. You are driving me crazy.

So, to clarify I want to bitch about drivers who jammmmm on the brakes when I the pedestrian am NOT at a cross walk or raising my hand to cross or even standing like I am crossing the street. It is like driver's in Halifax are extra courteous...beyond the law. That is the bittersweet part. I don't care about the gas really but I am just tired of people butting into my walks. If I want to cross in a hurry I will stand in the cross walk and cross where I can make traffic stop or I will wait until all is clear and jaywalk. Sometimes there isn't a crosswalk and I would rather not have to stop traffic to cross...since that is dangerous for me to just walk out onto the road. I think pedestrians DO just walk out on to crosswalks in this city and that isn't right either...and they should take a brief look sometimes at the messes they make by NOT being courteous themselves...like at the library downtown that is the worst example...Like open your eyes...your are walking and you do not even stop at the edge of the curb and see all the cars up and down Spr. and Brunswick. Look at the traffic and see the 8 cars up to the cambridge suites. For a driver : Suddenly there is not really a lot of people and then a break for cars to move and this idiot pedestrian just swishes across the crosswalk like it is the red carpet at MILLS>>>hello...someone is making a left turn and now you are holding up three lanes of traffic ...no four! and now we have all lost our window of opportunity...thanks!! and yes All THOSE CARS were THERE BEFORE you came floating along. Now I do care about the gas again...probably not much hope in changing this bad habit in our city...tourists think it is cute too I guess that helps.
--- Parading around town

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