Purcells Cove Road/Ketch Harbour Road Cyclists

I know this subject has been beaten to death but Wake up guys People fly up and down those roads in their cars. I personally drive the speed limit or If I'm feeling brave 55km/h Anyway Cycling in a 80/km zone such as Ketch Harbour Road on the middle of the road is not a very good idea. I'd feel horrible if I ever hit someone. Yesterday I had to pass about 8 on my way out to Herring Cove. The thing is none of them were kind enough to pull over to the gravel to let me by. It's a bicycle a little gravel isn't going to hurt it. I think your bikes are cool but guys that road I know for a fact people speed up and down and its very winding and if your at the top of the hill just about to go down and some kid in a Civics flooring it and crests that hill, they are not going to have time to stop and you are going to be killed! It's just so risky. And please have some courtesy towards the drivers and help us around you.
---Accident waiting to happen

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