I fucked up in my youth. I swore, smoked a little weed, drank way too young and got in too many fights. I grew up and still make a few mistakes. But what pisses me off is that when some kid does something these days, the so-called experts say the kid must have ADHD and therefor cannot be held responsible

Your kid is not mental, we all go through it, its part of growing up. Instead of shrinks and medicine, try grounding them or a good fucking spanking on the ass, worked on me (several times)

And, What makes you a professional to be able to determine that its ADHD. Your the kids parent and just do not want to admit that your parenting skills suck ass. Try spending more time with your child and find out what is so troubling.

Basically, Shut up and start being a parent instead of blaming "misbehavior" on everything but yourself.

---take responsibility

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