Hypocritical Environmentalists

Well we had Sir Paul here. A self-proclaimed environmentalist. In the short time he was here, he arrived via a private jet, ran around in a large SUV (complete with police escort), and the power needed to run the sound system and lights probably could have powered an average house for a year.

Then there's Al Gore, like Paul jetsetting about, complete with a Secret Service escort (yup all living ex prez' and vps get one).

And our own David Suzuki. Travelling, albeit no escorts. I guess they never heard of the internet to conduct lectures.

Not to mention their private homes, etc.

Now I don't care if you're an environmentalist, more power to you. But don't go spouting gloom and doom, telling us to use less, etc, when you cause more damage/carbon footprint in one day than most of us slobs out here do in one year.

---Hypocrites Get On My One Last Nerve

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