Learn to yield in the rotary!!!

To the woman in the PT Cruiser Thanks for the heart attack you almost gave me early Sunday afternoon at the Rotary.

I was already in the rotary, yet for some unknown reason you still decided driving right in front of me was a good idea. Luckily I saw you, slammed on my breaks and turned my car just in time to avoid any major damage. After we both stopped to inspect the cars, you decided to tell ME that I was in the wrong. UNBELIEVABLE!

You're lucky there wasn't a police officer there at the time, because I'm sure you would have been charged with failing to obey a traffic sign. Or even better, how about reckless driving? You're also lucky I don't care too much about my car because there certainly is a big scratch on my front bumper because of you. It isn't "just dirt" as you claimed. I hope you find a big scratch on the side of your car when you get home.

So, to all of the drivers that know how to use the rotary, thank you. For those of you that don't, just remember, a yield sign means that you YIELD to the cars already in the rotary. Or, just leave the car at home.

---Pissed off Sunday driver

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