Stupid Bitch at the McCartney Concert

I had got my disabled spouse to the top of the hill for the concert. He brought his video camera and while he was shooting, this bunch of loud, fucking assholes stood right behind us, started yakking (or screaming) at each other. One of them was this little bitch who asked us if we had a problem. I said, yes, we couldn't hear the goddamn concert because of their shrieking and yelling. I told her my husband was disabled and she screamed, so fucking what? Do you want me to feel sorry for him? If my partner hadn't stepped in, I could have flattened your horseface with his fucking cane. Then she had the nerve to say, move then. We didn't and eventually they went away. But they totally ruined over a hour of the concert, the dumb fucks.

---I Hope You Find Yourself in a Wheelchair Someday, You Cow

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