thanks for ruining it

so i live near the commons, but couldn't afford to pay to see mccartney. no biggie. out of all of the hassles that come with it, about the biggest benefit to living this close to the show's venue itself is that you don't need a ticket to hear the music. lots of people in the hood planned to just enjoy the sounds coming from the park, cold (& affordable!) beer in hand, close friends by your side. the show has been planned for months, our own plans to bbq and enjoy sounds without sights have been on for a few weeks.

so to the neighbour down the block who decided to have a wedding party with a live band in their backyard this saturday, a big hearty fuck you! not only have you made enjoying the mccartney show near impossible for us with the terrible musical choices played by the band at your party, as i wrote this the sound of two bands playing simultaneously are giving me and my crew nothing but a pounding fucking headache. the only way to enjoy the bbq now was to put on our own stereo and try drown both bands out (unsuccessfully, i might add, this just made it worse). what on earth made you people think this wedding party with a band was not only a good idea for yourselves, but that it wouldn't ruin the free audio show for every neighbour for two blocks in any direction? i really pity the people who live next door to you, whose parents had driven into the city for the express purpose of trying to enjoy the mccartney show from a distance on a visit with their kid(s).

you make me want to call in a bomb threat on our street so badly right now, it's not even funny. between the noise during set up, the altered traffic, the inability to park near your own house, the loss of the use of the park for days, and all of the other shit we north-enders too poor to buy tickets have to endure with these concerts on the commons, the least you could do was have your party with a dj so the volume could be controlled so the rest of us could enjoy whatever we could of the big show. hope your party was fun because the good will it's costing you with the neighbourhood right now won't be easily won back i don't think.

---my brain hurts

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