Why bother visiting me?

I know this seems anal but I need to get it off my chest. I'm a graduate student here and have found it difficult to make close friends with the exception of a select few whose kindness and generocity have overwhelmed me. So I've been bugging my friends and family to come and visit since January to give me something to do to pass the time and they have finally all decided to show up including my mom who needed to bring my aunt because she is that afraid of flying.

My Aunt has never particularly liked me but had recently been making an effort to be nice which gave me hope for the visit. WRONG. While my mom came to see me AND Halifax (she doesn't get out much) my aunt is clearly here as a tourist. She spent the first three days of her visit here complaining about various things including the hotel room I booked for them, the weather, the people etc. and has basically become a Touristzilla who has gone so far to openly yell at people who aren't meeting her "high" level of moral behaviour. This has included screaming after some poor girl on a bike who practically feel over trying not to hit her when she stepped in her path. In addition, my Aunt came with a list of things she wanted to do here which was based on the advice of near-strangers and completely disregarded any of my suggestions of what to do and where to go despite the fact I've lived here for a year and have made an effort to get to know the city. On top of everything else at the end of yesterday evening she started making derogatory statements about a certain group of people which EVERYONE who knows me knows I don't put up with. Of course all of this is leading to tensions with my mother and the whole visit is turning out to be more exhausting than anything.

In any case, I'd like to personally apologize to any of the people who've endured my Aunt's wrath including the staff at the Westin, the boy who didn't hold the door at Suggah on Friday and especially the poor girl on the bicycle at the harbour last night.

As for me I'll spend the next two days trying to avoid her wrath. God help anyone who gets in her way.

---Pissy Graduate Student

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