Traffic Cones Don't Have Little Rocket Motors

Not really a bitch...I'm just baffled. Why is it that folks who fire down a lane of traffic at 60 kmh in a 50 zone with feet to spare on either side suddenly slow down to 30 or 35 when they encounter traffic cones carefully strung out on the painted lines? Are the cones powerful magnets? Do they have little rocket motors and proximity sensors so they will fire at the side of your car if you come too close? Did your vehicle suddenly expand by 5 feet in width?

I can only assume that these are the same people who when passing a parked car on their side, when in reality they have plenty of room, must cross over into the oncoming lane so as to avoid the stationary vehicle by about 6 feet...until they notice me passing the parked car on *my* side and staying rock solid in my lane, and not slowing down one fucking bit. They're in no danger - they've got plenty of room on their side, which they discover about 500 milliseconds later.

---I can hit a spittoon accurately too...

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