To one of the women on this floor

At first, I thought you might have accidently missed the garbage can with your used paper towel. Then I thought that maybe you thought the paper towel had gone in, when it fell back out, because your used ball of paper towel was on the floor, below the garbage can, every day. As the weeks went into months, I've decided that you're just plain lazy.

Although, there are some days that you used extra energy to throw the paper towel under the counter, sometimes all the way into the corner, so maybe you're not lazy. Perhaps your religion doesn't believe in garbage cans?

My personal favourites, though, are when you leave it on the counter, in the sink or on the floor between the doors. It's good of you to shake things up every once in a while and keep the rest of us guessing as to where the paper towel will turn up next.

I haven't actually caught you in the act yet, or I would ask you in person why you do this. If I worked for the management company, I'd put a sign up (next to the one about not flushing feminine hygiene products) pointing out the function of the garbage can.

---No longer picking up after you

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