Cabs in this City SUCK!!

I moved to Halifax a couple of years ago and for the most part like it here. However one thing I do NOT like are the cabs, or lack of, in this city. I live in Dartmouth and enjoy going downtown now and then. My wife and I will try and do the responsible thing and drive over and if we drink leave our car there (we have 2 cars so we will take the other over the next day to pick it up). But just TRY getting a fucking cab!!! You wait and wait and wait, even after calling. Trying to get a cab if you are in Dartmouth late at night is even worse. They do not even answer their fucking phone over there! The cops wonder why people drink and drive? One reason is cabs. You are drunk and in no position to make a rational decision or judgement. You wait for a cab for a half hour and then finally just say "Fuck It" and get in your car and drive home. We have got to teh point where we do not even go out anymore. It is just not worth it.


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