house stuck on

To the loud ass, inconsiderate, douchebag with the gold colored, shitty sounding, RX7 with the stereo so loud it literally makes everything in the house, including the windows rattle, have a little bit of respect for your neighbours. Nobody cares to hear your music and nobody cares to hear how loud your stereo goes. It doesn't make you any cooler. Turn the fucking stereo down until you get out on the main road. Please. See, I am even being nice about time you go by and the words in front of me blur, because my eye balls are fucking vibrating from the bass your putting out, I won't be. This goes for the dick who just moved in not too long ago, with the motor bike that likes to just sit there and rev it up for no reason other than to make more fucking noise. There are decent hardworking people living on this street and in this neighbourhood that deserve to be able to relax with some kind of peace after a hard days work. There's a time and a place for everything. RESPECT, RESPECT, RESPECT. I am finding more and more people lacking considerably in the respect department. Oh yeah, and to the people that like to park their car and leave it running with the door open and stereo blaring, I'm gonna lock the keys in the car next time...turn it down and turn it off.

--- need a tylenol

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