To All Clothing Stores

Is there a reason for the lack of choice in your establishments? Have the fashion victims taken over so much that you cater solely to them? The reason I'm asking is because of the lack of choices out there if a person is not into the latest trend. It's nearly impossible to buy anything if you don't like a) loose hanging tops with gathered sleeves, b) jeans with low sitting back pockets that make everyone sport a uni-butt, c) extremes in shoe heel heights, either five inch stilettos or flat ballerinas or gladiator sandals, d) purses that have only short straps and are big, gathered monsters and e) hideous patterns that look like a seventies throw pillow has exploded all over you.

I know fashion styles come and go and a lot of it is usually ugly, but until now I have always managed to find some good stuff in amongst the trends wherever I shopped. I like to dress nicely and I also only dress for what suits my body type. I don't follow trends. I know that makes me a minority, apparently, but that's the way it is. I've taken to ordering clothes online just so I can get something new. Funny how so much variety can exist elsewhere, but not here. It'd be nice if some of the stores here brought in the odd piece that isn't so dead-on trend and maybe they could up their sales for the day just a little bit more. I know fashion victims are a stores best friend, but every sale counts.

---Tired of Lack of Choice

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